History of Södra Björstorp

Södra Björstorps is a castle in Tomelilla municipality. The main building was built in 1775. The octagonal design is not found anywhere else in Sweden. The land around the farm has been cultivated since the Middle Ages.

Södra Björstorp was built in 1775 by the architect Carl Mickael Malmström. The octagonal castle is completely surrounded by an inner courtyard. The castle is built in sutter meadow with a view of the park. The buildings are built of gray stone that is plastered on the roofs are single-cupped brick boilers.

On the farm there is also a larger grain storehouse and a distillery which today is used for events and special occasions, such as weddings. Read more about the distillery here

A kilometer-long avenue lined with stone-walled courtyards leads to the farm. Where you fit the old mill with associated dam, as well as Södra Björstorp's former coal industry and sawmill.